Mingguan Purification Materials (Zhejiang) Co., Ltd.
Mingguan Purification Materials (Zhejiang) Co., Ltd.
Filtration media is always the core of all kinds of filters. We provide wide-range filter media for both air and liquid filtration, and to help on improving your filter performance.
Different applications focus on different filter media performances, such as filtation efficency, air permeability, dust holding capacity, pore size and etcs. Nevertheless, product durability and reliability always matter.
Filter Fabric Manufacturer of Appliance
01 . Appliance
Different HEPA filter media and ULPA filter media, such as meltblown, nano fiber media and PTFE membrane media to meet requirements in different industry standards.
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HVAC Air Filter Material
02 . HVAC
Synthetic HVAC filtration media with different material combination for both pocket filter and pleated filter.
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Face Mask Filter Fabric
03 . Face Mask
Full range materials of face mask both for medical and personal use. We are also capable to produce finished face mask products which can meet different standard in North America, Europe and Asia.
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Cabin Air Filter Media
04 . Automotive Cabin Air
Full range filtration media for automotive cabin air filters, including particle filter and carbon filter.
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Clean Room Filter Fabric
05 . Clean Room
Our nano fiber media and PTFE membrane media are widely used for controling air quality in clean room.
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Industrial Air Filter Media
06 . Industrial Air
Our nano fiber media and PTFE membrane media can help you on facing higher requirement of air pollution control.
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Drink Water Filtration Fabric
07 . Drink Water
Premium quality of meltblown media provides strong durability and reliability for your drink water filter.
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Pharmaceutical Filter Fabric
08 . Pharmaceutical
High quality meltblown and PTFE membrane media can be used in pharmaceutical filtration to make sure purity of medicine ingredient.
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Filter Paper For Chemistry
09 . Chemicals
Various chemical compounds performed different characteristics on such as PH value, corrosivity, and etc. Choosing correct filtation media is the key to the solution of chemcial filtrtation.
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Edible Oil Filter Paper
10 . Edible Oil
Cellulose paper and wood pulp paper are widely used in food processing factories and fast food restaurants for edible oil filtration.
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Coolant Oil Filter Fabric
11 . Coolant Oil
We provide synthetic nonwovens and different kinds of paper materials for coolant oil filtation system in metal processing and auto parts manufacturing industries.
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About Mingguan
Your Leading Global Filter Fabric Manufacturer
About Mingguan

With more than 15 years experiences of manufacturing and marketing in filtration industries, we are supplying premium quality filtration media and effective integrated solutions to our customers in global. 

Mingguan-as a professional filter fabric manufacturer, our vision is to create value by improving performance of our products and services and it is our customers and employees who drive this value.

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