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Product Selection Guide

Product TypeDescriptionRecommended Applications
PP meltblown fabricPP Meltblown for Air filtration (F5 – H14)Air filtration: Residential/Medical face mask, Air purifier, Vacuum cleaner, Automotive cabin air, Air conditioner, Clean room and etc.

Liquid filtration: Drinking water, Pharmaceutical, food & beverage, electronic industry and etc.
PP Meltblown for liquid filtration (pore size 1-30μm)
PP Meltblown combined mediaPP Meltblown combines with various nonwoven materials
Electrostatic PP staple fiber matMiddle and High efficiency (45%-95%)
HVAC pocket filter mediaLow, middle and High efficiency (45%-90%)Air filtration of HVAC system and industrial air filtration.
Carbon filter mediaArea weight 200-450g/m²For air filtration to remove odor and hazardous contents
Micro-nano fiber mediaMechanical filtration. Ultra high efficiency (U16) with lower pressure drop than other traditional filtration mediasHigh efficiency requirement appliance & clean room filtration systems.
PP/PET nonwovens & wood pulp/ cellulose paperArea weight: 20-400g/m². Liquid filtration eff.: 2-100μmLiquid filtration for industrial, food & beverage, and edible oil
PLA MeltblownPLA recyclable and biodegradable materialFor environmentally-friendly use
PTFE membraneLaminated ePTFE membrane for H11-U15 gradeAppliance, Clean room, Air pollution control, Pharmaceutical Liquid filtration

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