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PTFE Membrane Fabric

Depends on its unique characteristics, ePTFE membrane fabric performs precise high filtration efficiency and excellent chemical resistance to meet rigorous requirements in different filtration system.

We provide high quality ePTFE membrane laminated filtration media with different types for various applications, such as air purifier, vacuum air cleaner, clean room, and etc.

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  • eptfe fabric
  • eptfe fabric
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  • eptfe fabric
  • eptfe fabric

PTFE Membrane Fabric Features


H10-U16 wide efficiency range of products can be provided to meet specific requirements;


Lower pressure drop for energy saving and noise control;


Excellent product uniformity and durability;


Flexible combination of multilayer media to achieve excellent performance.

PTFE Membrane Fabric Specifications

TypeArea Weight
Initial Efficiency*
Pressure Drop*
Material structure**Washability
MG-TFH102100 ± 200.45 ± 0.08≥90≤50P + NYes
MG-TFH112100 ± 200.45 ± 0.08≥95≤60P + NYes
MG-TFH1121180 ± 200.50 ± 0.08≥95≤200P + NYes
MG-TFH122100 ± 200.45 ± 0.08≥99.5≤120P + NYes
MG-TFH13390 ± 100.32 ± 0.08≥99.97110 ± 25N+P+NNo
MG-TFH14595 ± 100.38 ± 0.08≥99.995160 ± 30N+P+N+P+NNo
MG-TFU15460 ± 100.30 ± 0.08≥99.995220 ± 30P+N+P+NYes
MG-TFU15595 ± 100.38 ± 0.05≥99.995220 ± 30N+P+N+P+NNo
MG-TFU165100 ± 100.38 ± 0.05≥99.9995290 ± 30N+P+N+P+NNo
* Testing condition:0.3μm NaCl (H10-H14) /0.1-0.2μm DEHS (U15-U16) @ 5.3cm/s
** PTFE membrane = P, Nonwoven = N
Please contact Mingguan for more filter fabric wholesale types which not listed in this table.

How To Make Eptfe Fabric/PTFE membrane Fabric

mingguan ptfe membrane fabric
make ptfe membrane fabric
how to make ptfe membrane fabric

PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene) is a polymer made of raw material CaF2 which came out from fluorite mine.

PTFE membrane can be widely used as insulation materials, textile fabrics, filtration media, and in a lot of special applications because of its excellent physical and chemical characteristics.

However, manufacturing process of PTFE membrane can be various in different applications.  Expand PTFE (ePTFE) membrane fabric, which mostly used in textile and filtration, formed by bidirectional expanding and stretching process to became a membrane with 3-40μm thickness.

In filtration applications, the membrane is usually laminated with nonwoven carriers to keep structure stability. Mingguan doesn't just supply filtration materials: we are integrated filtration solutions providers and holds strong positions in all markets that serves, welcome to contact us to know more!

Eptfe Fabric/PTFE Membrane Fabric Gallery

Consistent uniformity of the membrane, with different filtration efficiency grade and flexible combination with different nonwoven carriers to meet specific requirements.

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