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Liquid filtration is the process of removing and intercepting solid particles and contaminants in water, oil, or chemical solvent, and for the purpose of purifying the liquids. Filter media can be various to apply in different applications in accordance of specific requirements.

We provide premium quality of synthetic, wood pulp and cellulose paper liquid filter media which widely using in liquid filtration.

Liquid Filter Fabric Types

Mingguan - Your Professional Liquid Filter Manufacturer

Since beginning of our business in 2005, Mingguan has started serving steel processing industries with coolant oil filtration media. Now with years of extended liquid filtration manufacturing and marketing experience, we are providing:

1. Premium quality of synthetic nonwovens, wood pulp and cellulose paper for different liquid filtration applications;

2. Professional pre and after sales service to our customers;

3. Innovative solutions to your specific requirements based on our rich technology experience.

How to Apply Liquid Filtration ?

Liquid filter media is used in all filtration systems which can purify liquid in manufacturing process, water system in your house and work places. Check out the applications and see what materials we can offer.

Liquid filtration Fabric FAQs

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    What is liquid filtration media?


    Liquid filtration media is vital for a filter in liquid filtration systems. It works similar to air filtration - removing particles and contaminants. However, because of the differences between liquid filtrates, e.g., water, oil and chemical solvents, it will be more complicated to choose a most feasible filter media in certain cases. 

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    What is importance to liquid filtration ?


    The most important thing to liquid filtration is choosing the best filter media, not only considering liquid flow rate, pore size, but also interaction with fluid, wettability of the media and etc. For example, ePTFE is a marvelous filtration media but it's not suitable for water filtration without pre-treatment because of its hydrophobicity. In that case, a hydrophilia filter media, PES membrane would be more considered. 

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    How can I use filter media?


    You cannot use filter media by yourself directly. It's a component of a complete filter and it can only installed by filter manufacturer during production processes. 

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    Where can I find filter media?


    It's easy to find filter media in your life. In a vacuum cleaner or an air purifier, the pleated material of a detachable filter is the filter media. One easier case, a face mask is actually can be considered as a piece of filter media!

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