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Several kinds of materials can be used as air filter media, but generally there are two types: synthetic fiber and glass fiber. Cellulose paper also can be used as the air filter media in some very special applications.

Mingguan provides full range of air filter fabric material for air filtration, such as meltblown, PTFE membrane, nanofiber media, and etc.

Air Filter Media Types

What Is Air Filter Media Made Of?

Various of air filter media is made of different materials, but generally sorted by two main kinds: Synthetic and fiberglass media. Those different kinds of media can be combined in some cases to fulfill special requirements.

Synthetic media: Polypropylene (PP) and Polyester (PET) nonwovens are most popular materials in air filtration applications. But different manufacturing processes cause different characteristic and appearance of the materials. Therefore, choose the correct air filter fabric material and manufacturing process is vital to your best filtration solution.

Fiberglass media: Glass fiber is made of melted glass marbles by special production processes. Most fiberglass media is bonded with harmless chemical adhesive and can provide wide range efficiency grade depends on different fiber diameter and density.

How to Apply Air Filter Media?

Air filter media is used in all filtration systems which can improve air quality in buildings and work places. Check out the applications and see what air filter fabric material we can offer.

Air Filter Media FAQs

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    What is air filtration media?


    Air filtration media is the core part of a filter in filtration systems. It captures and block particles and odor in the air to improve air quality of indoor/outdoor environment.

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    How is filter media work?


    There are two main effects of filter media works on air filtraiton: electrostatic (ES) adsorption and mechanical interception.

    Small particles can be captured by ES effect, and so the ES media can provide high filtration efficiency and very low pressure drop. But the ES charge and efficiency would be degenerated which influence by atmosphere conditions as time passed.

    Mechanical filtration effect is quite simple. The media trapped particles depends on dense fiber bonding structure, so filtration efficiency would not decline in normal. But initial pressure drop of this kind of media is relatively higher than ES media in general.

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    How can I use filter media?


    You cannot use filter media by yourself directly. It's a component of a complete filter and it can only installed by filter felt suppliers during production processes.

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    Where can I find filter media?


    It's easy to find filter media in your life. In a vacuum cleaner or an air purifier, the pleated material of a detachable filter is the filter media. One easier case, a face mask is actually can be considered as a piece of filter media!

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