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Electrostatic Filter Media

Electrostatically charged filter media is made of PP staple fiber and manufactured by needle punch process. Electrostatic was charged on the media with different ways so that the efficiency of the material could be in wide range of middle to high grade.

Our premium quality electrostatic filter media material is using in air conditioner, automotive cabin air, air purifier and other applications.

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  • electrostatically charged filter media

Electrostatic Filter Media Material Features


Wide efficiency range from F5 to H11. Unique electrical charge technologies to minimize charge degeneration effect;


Loose fibers structure of the "cotton mat" to ensure extremely low pressure drop;


Excellent higher dust holding capacity comparing to meltblown or other filter media;


Flexible combination with nonwoven protection and/or carrier layers to achieve excellent performance.

Electrostatic Filter Media Material Specifications

TypeArea Weight
Initial Efficiency*
Pressure Drop*
StructureMax. Width
Max. Roll Length
JK-D45%50 ±100.90 ± 0.1≥45≤2PP Cotton
PP protective layer
JK-D65%50 ± 100.90 ± 0.1≥65≤3
JK-D90%70 ±101.1 ± 0.1≥90≤4
JK-D95%80 ±101.15 ± 0.1≥95≤4
JK-PD45%110 ±101.05 ± 0.1≥45≤4PP protective layer
PP Cotton
PET backing layer
JK-PD65%110 ±101.05 ± 0.1≥65≤5
JK-PD90%130 ±101.3 ± 0.1≥90≤6
JK-PD95%140 ±101.35 ± 0.1≥95≤6
* Testing condition:0.3μm NaCl @ 5.3cm/s
Carrier material can be customized according to requirement from customers.

Electrostatic Filter Material Gallery

Enduring filtration efficiency with lower pressure drop and excellent dust holding capacity, our electrostatic “cotton mat” fit for various air filtration applications.

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