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Mingguan Purification Materials (Zhejiang) Co., Ltd.

With more than 15 years rich experience in filtration market, Mingguan provides various filter fabric materials, such as meltblown, nanofiber media, PTFE membrane and massive combinations of those different materials to help filter manufacturers on improving product performance and finding best solutions to meet rigorous design requirements from downstream clients.

By using benchmark manufacturing and testing facilities, and applying strict quality management system, we guarantee excellent quality of each roll or piece of our delivered products. Meanwhile, Mingguan is also capable to provide OE manufacture service of finished or semi-finished filter products to our customers.

Types Of Fabric Filters For Sale

Air Filtration

Full range of synthetic and PTFE membrane filter fabric materials products and solutions for different applications of air filtration.
Air Filtration

Liquid Filtration

High quality filter fabric and filter paper made up of different materials and combinations for liquid filtration industries.
Liquid Filtration

OEM For Filters

Premium quality, rich product portfolio and flexible processing service for liquid filtration to help you on finding the best solutions.
OEM For Filters

Advantages Of Mingguan Filtration Fabric

Rich Experience in Filtration Market

We have rich expericence in manufacturing various filter fabric and providing excellent products and solutions since we have been cooperating with benchmark international companies for many years.

Benchmark Manufacturing and Testing Facilities

We invested on authentic manufacturing and testing facilities and using high quality raw materials to ensure stability and consistance of our high quality products.

Professional Technical and Service Team

Mingguan technical center which supported by a group of professional technician, together with our professional sales and service team, we bring you the best expericence on finding solutions.

Your Reliable Filter Felt Supplier

Relies on rich knowledge in multple filtration industries, mingguan is capable to provide integrated solutions to all our customers.


What Is Fabric Filtration Used For?

What Is Fabric Filtration Used For?
  • Don't be surprised that filtration fabric exists in everywhere your daily life and working places. When we are talking about clean air and pure water, the first thing came out in your mind is certainly the filtration system.

  • It's so important and appears in most devices and facilities which bring you fresh air, and pure water and keep proper operations in manufacturing processes.

  • However, filtration fabric, or what is called filter media is the most important part of a filtration system. It is the key to the filtration functions, and it decides the filter performances, such as filtration efficiency, air permeability/pressure drop, liquid flow rate, dust holding capacity and etc.

  • These performances consequently come to result in air/liquid quality, energy-saving efficiency, noise control, and durability of the filtration system.

Mingguan Filter Fabric Manufacturing Process

Step 1

Different filter fabric manufactured from different raw materials and used completely diverse manufacturing processes.

Step 2

For example, polypropylene is the most used raw material of meltblown fabric. The polymer is melted by heat and blow out by high temperature and compressed air from spinnerets and become into very fine fibers. Those fibers are collected by a conveyance belt and thermal bonded into nonwoven fabric by its own heat.

Step 3

After that, different processes can be used in order to apply electrostatic on the fabric. The electrical charge reflects final filtration efficiency grade of the media.

Step 4

However, manufacturing process of PTFE membrane is quite different and more interesting. Want to learn more about it? Contact us now.

Mingguan Filter Fabric For Different Applications

Mingguan product portfolio includes variety of filter fabrics which can be used in both air and liquid filtration for many different applications. We offer optimize solutions and various material combinations to meet specific requirements from different industries.
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