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ULPA (Ultra Low Penetration Air Filter) is on the basis of HEPA by further improving the filtration efficiency. It was defined to remove at least 99.999% of particle size in 0.12 μm diameter, or 99.9999% of 0.3μm diameter particles in some ways.  

Mingguan manufactures and provides high-quality nanofiber and ePTFE membrane ULPA filter media for filter manufacturers.

ULPA Filter Media for Sale

Why Choose Mingguan ULPA Filter Media?

  • Various material selections:

    Nanofiber media and PTFE membrane laminated media, Minguan provides different material options for your choice.

  • Strict quality management system:

    Manufacturing from sophisticated production line and testing by benchmark testing facility (e.g. TSI 3160) to ensure reliability high quality of all our products.   

  • Flexibility and customization:

    Based on years of experience, we are capable to provide various material combinations and solutions to meet your specific technical requirements.

What Is The Difference Between HEPA Filter Media And ULPA Filter Media?

What Is The Difference Between HEPA Filter Media And ULPA Filter Media?
  • You may will ask a question: If ULPA is better performing on filtration efficiency than HEPA, why are we still using HEPA? That’s because, filtration efficiency is not the only issue we should consider when choosing a filter. Except filtration efficiency, here are some differences between HEPA and ULPA we should know:

    Airflow rate: Efficiency and airflow rate are always contradictory when we use the same kind of filtration materials and same filter surface area. Higher efficiency brings lower airflow rate, so it also means higher energy cost, louder noise, and longer time to achieve required air quality. 

  • Higher cost: Not only the filter media will cost higher for ULPA, but also the whole filtration system, including filter and the system design, higher requirement on air handling system, and even higher power system. Generally, the overall cost for ULPA will be approximate 30%-50% higher than HEPA. 

  • Durability of filters: Replacement period of ULPA filter would be more frequent than HEPA because of high dust loading, and to keep the relative low pressure drop and operation normal of the filtration system. This also corelated to overall cost problem in anyway.

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