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HVAC Pocket Filter Media

Middle efficiency pocket filter media are mainly used in HVAC filtration systems. It can be used for the primary filtration of the air conditioning system to protect the next level of the filter and the system itself.

We provide high quality synthetic HVAC filter media for both pocket filters and flat filters.

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  • polyester hvac filters
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  • hvac filter media
  • polyester hvac filters
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  • heater filter material

Features of HVAC Pocket Filter Media


F5-F9 wide efficiency range of products can be provided to meet specific requirements;


Lower pressure drop for energy saving and noise control;


Excellent dust holding capacity and durability;


Electrostatic cotton mat or meltblown material can be chosed for different requirements.

Specifications of HVAC Filter Media

TypeEuropean Efficiency GradeInitial Efficiency*
Pressure Drop*
Single Side Thickness
Single Side Weight
ColorMax. Width
Max. Roll Length
MG-F5F5≥45≤41.1-1.2100-120White690 ± 5100
MG-F6F6≥65≤101.15-1.25110-130Light green
MG-F7F7≥85≤161.55-1.65150-170Light pink
MG-F8F8≥95≤201.7-1.9170-190Light yellow
* Testing condition:0.3μm NaCl @ 5.3cm/s
Carrier material can be customized according to requirement from customers.

HVAC Pocket Filter Media Gallery

Consistent uniformity with different filtration efficiency grade, lower pressure drop and excellent dust holding capacity.

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