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Application And Interception Mechanism Of Air Filter Media

1. Clean room air conditioning purification system

This is the main application direction of air filter media. Clean room air conditioning systems are usually equipped with three filters. Generally, air conditioning units are equipped with coarse and medium efficiency air filters, and air filters are added at the air supply end. The filter materials of the coarse air filter mainly include glass fiber, PP, pet non-woven fabric, which can filter out 5 μ Dust particles above 10 m; Except for wire mesh, other materials of medium efficiency air filter are similar to coarse efficiency, but its fiber diameter is small, which can effectively filter 1 μ M or more. HEPA filter is mainly made of superfine glass fiber or PP material; Sodium flame efficiency of domestic superfine glass fiber can reach 99.99999, but membrane filtration has gradually penetrated into this field in recent years. Clean rooms can be generally divided into two categories: industrial clean rooms and biological clean rooms. Industrial clean rooms are mainly used for some production processes with high air cleanliness requirements, mainly including electronic industry, film, optical instruments and machinery. For example, in some VLSI production processes in the electronics industry, the controlled particle size of suspended particles in the air has been reduced to 0.1 μ M。 Biological clean room not only requires the concentration of indoor dust, but also requires the number of bacteria. Bacteria attached to dust particles can be filtered through filters, mainly in the food industry, operating rooms, pharmaceutical factories and biological laboratories.

2. General air conditioning system

For ordinary air conditioning system, the coarse air filter is generally set in the air conditioning unit, and the medium efficiency air filter is also set after the coarse air filter.

3. Ordinary family

This mainly includes household air conditioners and air purifiers. Most of the filter materials of domestic air conditioners are ordinary plastic woven large hole filters, which can only filter out large dust particles. Indoor air purifiers are another potential market for air filtration materials. Since the 1990s, indoor air quality has been a research hotspot. The air contains smoke, mold, spores, bacteria, fibers and dust particles. How to eliminate these pollution and create a better indoor air environment is very important to human health. Air purifier is an effective method to remove indoor pollutants. The filter material of the air purifier is usually PP melt blown non-woven fabric or superfine glass fiber. Foreign air purifiers have developed rapidly. Ordinary air purifiers cannot remove harmful indoor gases. The composition of these gases is very complex. Only cigarette smoke contains hundreds of gas components. In addition, aldehydes and benzene series emitted from decorative materials and Co, SO2, NOx and NH3 emitted from various pollution sources directly endanger human health. In order to eliminate this danger, it is necessary to use functional air filter materials. Commonly used materials are activated carbon or activated carbon fiber.


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