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Reasons for Poor Filtering Effect of Industrial Filter Fabric

Industrial filter fabric should be placed in a suitable location for easy use by manufacturers. As the product can be stacked for storage, it is susceptible to moisture and moisture prevention measures should be taken. The stacking height of the product should not exceed four volumes. Also, the product's volume should be controlled to avoid taking up too much space.

In addition, users must regularly clean the product during use. If there are too many impurities on it, it will cause blockages and reduce the filtering effect, affecting the use. When cleaning, a small brush can be used to gently brush the crevices on it, so that the dust can be easily brushed off. Note that the product should be air-dried naturally after cleaning instead of being blown dry.

Nowadays, industrial filter fabric is widely used in various factories and is popular among most users. However, some users have reported poor filtering effect when using it. What is the reason?

There are three reasons why the filtering effect of industrial filter fabric is poor:

  • The quality of industrial filter fabric is poor

There are more and more industrial filter fabric manufacturers on the market, so there are some mixed situations. Therefore, when purchasing industrial filter fabric, you should pay attention to the quality of the product. Do not purchase from unqualified industrial filter fabric manufacturers, and do not only focus on the price of industrial filter fabric.

  • The selection of industrial filter fabric is incorrect

Due to the different service ranges of each factory, different types of products are used. We need to choose products that meet the current operating conditions, so as to effectively improve the filtering effect and fully play the role of industrial filter fabric products.

  • The clogging problem of industrial filter fabric

After long-term use, many impurities and particles will accumulate on the product, reducing its water permeability and causing the filtering effect of industrial filter fabric to deteriorate, thereby affecting the price of industrial filter fabric. Therefore, the manufacturer suggests cleaning it once a month. For small particles that are difficult to wash off, a brush can be used to brush them.

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