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What Are The Classification Of Filter Media? What Are The Characteristics Of The Filter Cloth

The filter medium includes but is not only the filter cloth. During the filtering process, any permeable material that retains solid particles on its surface or inside is called the filter medium.

There are many kinds of filter media, including: solid composite media (metal wire mesh, etc.), metal sheet media (metal wire woven sheet, etc.), rigid porous media (ceramics, carbon, etc.), filter element (filter element formed by yarn, etc.), plastic sheet (woven single fiber, etc.), membrane (polymer membrane, etc.), woven cloth (fiber woven filter cloth), non woven media (filter paper, etc.), loose media (powder, etc.).

Filter media have their own characteristics, so do filter cloth widely used in all walks of life:

Filter media strength

With the development of the filter, the strength of the filter cloth is required to be higher and higher, which is not easy to stretch and damage. Discount and deviation.

Filter media edge stability

Edge disconnection may occur when the filter cloth operation quality department passes the inspection.

Filter media thermal stability

The working conditions of the filtration industry will be high temperature, so thermal stability is required.

Filter media acid and alkaline resistance

With acid and alkali or strong acid, strong alkali and other working conditions, it is necessary to have acid and alkali resistance.

Anti electric characteristics. 

Working conditions such as electrolytic nickel, electrowinning nickel and electrolytic copper require discharge characteristics.

Cake removal

When discharging, the filter cake is easy to fall off and does not stick to the filter cloth, so as to avoid accumulation and blockage that may affect the filtering effect.


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