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What is Electrostatic Filter Cotton? What Are the Characteristics?

For the use of filter equipment, I believe that many people have certain experience. After all, filter equipment is a popular product in the market now, which is in line with the modern market trend. Next, we will introduce the raw material of electrostatic filter cotton, a filter equipment. Through our introduction, we hope to help you understand more about this industry.

1. What is electrostatic filter cotton?

Electrostatic filter cotton is a non-woven material obtained by carding PP short fibers, needle-punched into a net, and then treated with electrostatic electret. Because the raw material has electrostatic treatment and is cotton-like, it is called electrostatic filter cotton. It has better filtration efficiency than ordinary needle-punched cotton, and better resistance and dust holding capacity than other filter materials.

Why do we call it electrostatic cotton? Not only is this raw material treated with electrostatic treatment during the production process, but on the other hand, it can actively absorb tiny particles below PM2.5 through static electricity during use. 

What's more worth mentioning is that the high dust holding capacity of electrostatic filter cotton can make the equipment work for a long time, maintain a better stable state, reduce the frequency of people's equipment cleaning and replacement parts, and achieve high-efficiency use. Many companies think that this product is very worth using in the process of using electrostatic filter cotton. The service life of many filter elements is limited, and they must be replaced after a period of use, otherwise the high-efficiency filtering effect will not be achieved. The filtering effect of electrostatic filter material is not only better than that of ordinary needle-punched cotton, but also can be recycled. use. For the enterprise, the recycling of the parts can save the enterprise a lot of filtration costs.

2. Classification of electrostatic filter cotton

There are several categories of electrostatic filter cotton, such as fiber, electrostatic electret and composite, and each category has its own advantages. For different users, we will have our own usage requirements and capital budget when we use it, and you can choose according to your actual situation. Moreover, equipment manufacturers will also have a raw material they are used to in the equipment production process, and you don't have to worry about which one to choose, you can try in many ways.

We believe that with the continuous development of science and technology, more efficient and energy-saving equipment will be launched in the market in the later stage to provide assistance for human progress and development. You can also look forward to it.

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