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Burning Process and Anti-Static Treatment of Filter Fabric

During the processing and needling felting, the combustion process is carried out using the general methods of single-sided and double-sided rolling and burning. For example, in the process of treatment, the fabric used can enhance the filtration function and collect fine dust to a certain extent.

As for filter fabric, the material wear itself is not only the main factor affecting its service life, but more importantly, the corrosion of the working materials on the filter fabric. Therefore, the requirements for industrial filter fabric are very high. Washed sand filter fabric is mainly used for air filtration and dust removal, collection of dust powder, to purify the air and protect the environment in industries such as smelting, chemical industry, sugar making, dyeing, medicine, and food.

In the antistatic treatment process of the filter fabric, when the product encounters sparks at a specific concentration state, some dust on the filter fabric will burn and generate static electricity. Therefore, for the use of flammable and explosive dust, needle felt filter material that has undergone antistatic treatment will be chosen.

In the manufacturing process of the filter fabric, antistatic filtering material is mainly mixed with conductive fibers in the material fiber. This will make the entire filtering material have a certain conductivity. Fluorocarbon resin and PTFE impregnated needle felt filter material is used for oil and water resistance treatment.

Filter fabric is easier to accumulate dust on the surface of the filter fabric in wet dust gas, which can prevent and reduce the occurrence of bagging to some extent. The product uses patented technology for production. The gray needle felt filter material is dense and breathable, with outstanding dust removal function.

After using the filter fabric for a period of time, there will often be small problems. These problems can easily catch our attention. As long as we handle these small problems, the entire dust removal equipment can operate normally and stably.

After using the filter fabric for a period of time, the filter fabric will crack, open up, and drop to the bottom of the product. Although the product scale can also be used, there will still be a period of time when the bag will fall off after adsorbing more important dust.

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